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Women in Russia and Ukraine are very romantic, I found out they just love hearing these few nice words.

The ones who earn a little, have good enough life over there, there's family, friends, opera, gym etc. Some will leave, but only if they are really in love. My missus doesn't give a damn about me living in Britain.

She has a job (even if it pays little, she's happy), friends, family over there. I've offered help, doesn't want a penny which might show you who's honest and who is not.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

I became an unofficial ambassador of Ukrainian girls in Wales. It’s a sister site of popular across Europe It was the first place I advertised myself and got over 150 responses! With some girls I’ve been good friend for a few years now, some I've dated.I currently have well over 100 female friends in Ukraine, we've been hanging out and travelling together. To be honest I am surprised people lose so much money to find love.So here's my two cents (feel free to comment or ask, I've probably forgotten about some stuff): 1) I think, learning Russian is a good start.Yes, there are lots of nice girls whom you can meet with without fear of being scammed.Nobody's perfect and my first relationship in Ukraine didn't end up as I hoped, but now I'm happily engaged and will marry soon.

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