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No director of a company shall, as a director, take any part in the discussion of, or vote on, any contract or arrangement entered into, or to be entered into, by or on behalf of the company, if he is in any way, whether directly or indirectly, concerned or interested in the contract or arrangement. Bulfield 1988 BCLC 104 (Ch D)] Ø Voting by an interested director will make a contract void in the following two cases: o If his exclusion from quorum would have resulted in ‘no quorum’ o If exclusion of his vote would have resulted in failure of such resolution” [Victors Ltd. Lingard (1927) 1 Ch 323] A, a director, also runs a proprietorship business to which some cos. https:// manage your symptoms properly, try out a Mediterranean diet program.

A Director who is directly or indirectly interested in a contract or arrangement shall not – · be counted for the purpose of quorum at the time of discussion and voting on any such contract or arrangement · participate in the discussion on any such contract or arrangement · vote thereon and if he does vote, his vote shall be void A contravention of the above provisions shall render the director punishable with a fine of Rs. The following decided case laws make will make it clear: Ø “If interested director votes on a contract in which he is interested, his vote will be void. It is voidable at the option of Board and not at the option of another party”. Research indicates that joint inflammation patients who alteration to this diet see their signs rapidly lessen, and also have a far better sensation all round.

The object of the above section is to bring into the knowledge of the Board of directors, the extent of the interest of a director, in any contract proposed to be entered with the company by the Director or any of his specified associates.

Unless you have sufficient border within your foreign exchange accounts plus a border call happens, your account can be suspended and you will probably be unable to respond in your business tips.Also, if the Central Government’s approval is required, failure to obtain the same would render the transaction void.Every director who is directly or indirectly interested in the proposed contract, should make a disclosure regarding his interest in form no.the company or the other party regularly trade or does business and, b). Section 297 deals with the transactions between the company and § A director of the company § His relative § A firm in which the director or his relative is a partner § A private company of which the director is a member or director § And a partner of a firm in which the director or his relative is a partner The contract shall be entered only with the consent of Bo D accorded by a resolution passed in the board meeting.Although the prior approval of Bo D is required u/s 297, a relaxation under sub section (3) of section 297 has been provided.

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