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Noah) or anniversary of an event (the migration into Egypt).The above chart shows the birth and death relationships of the patriarchs as given by the genealogies provided by the Bible.Several points worth noting in the chart are: The enormous intellect and memory capacity of the patriarchs and the extensive overlapping of their lives provide additional evidence that the Creation account as provided in Genesis chapter 1 is accurate.If a person did not believe what his father or those around him told him, he could go right to the source and find out the "rest of the story."Gen. It could be interpreted to read "in the 600th year of Noah's life, on the 17th day of the second month of the calendar year" or "in the 600th year, second month, 17th day of Noah's life." I have seen it translated both ways.He made peace with the men of Beth-Zur, and they evacuated the city, because they had no provisions there to withstand a siege If we plot these pairs of dates (701, 702 B. See the dates associated with the large circled "1" and "2" on the chart following. Additionally, the precision with which other significant prophetic dates fall on Sabbatical Years/Jubilee Years in the calendar confirms our find of the 49th and 50th years and thus the placement of the other Sabbatical Years. There was order and precision beyond coincidence, evidence for a master plan. The manna stopped the day after they ate this food from the land; there was no longer any manna for the Israelites, but Since the Israelites spent around 40 years wandering in the wilderness, going back 40 years places the date of the Exodus around 1427 B. Are the ages given in Scripture given using 1) inclusive reckoning, or 2) the more standard form as we use now?Since the points fortunately line up, it provides strong evidence that we have found back-to-back Sabbatical Years indicating the 49th and 50th years of the 49 year Jubilee cycle. No other orientation or matching up would result in as many dates falling on Sabbatical/Jubilee Years. Interestingly enough, the phrase appointed time is used 22 times in the New International Version of the Bible. In other words, when it says that Adam was 130 years old when he had Seth, does it mean he was "And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years and fathered a son in his own likeness, according to his image, and called his name Seth." (The Interlinear Bible, Hebrew-Greek-English, with literal English translation)Given this then, we must take into consideration another factor that other calculations of the date of Creation have not taken into consideration.

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Hot for Adam is foremost a dating website but we are also interested in establishing a good positive community on­line where men are offered a chance to meet other gay men, with an opportunity to engage with the community around them – off line.However, if the ancients considered the whole duration while Noah's family was in the ark as "the flood," the correct interpretation would be "two years after the flood waters receded and the family came out of the ark . We do NOT connect with your Facebook friends or share your email address.Common sense would dictate that if you had a large number of generations, that the age of a father at the birth of a son would be some age plus an average of 6 months or year.Neglecting this factor can produce an appreciable error.

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