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OPEN BANDS An open band is a piece of metal which has been bent into the form of a circle.The ends of the band do not meet and are separated by a space to enable them to be placed on a mature bird's leg.With open bands the Veterinarian can easily remove the band or the owner can remove it very carefully.It is very important to me as a breeder to know exactly what my birds family background and bloodline is, because of this I band all of my babies.Keeping the gene pools diverse, pairing unrelated birds, breeding for traits or mutations are all important issues.Band numbers are used by breeders to identify and keep records on their birds.

Breeders buying older birds can trace the origins of the birds to ensure that potential pairings are unrelated or to identify certain traits.

Many people prefer these newer methods for a variety of reasons.

However at this time, the leg band is the most used method.

For this reason i recommend that you check your bands monthly to make sure their is no gap in between the band.

For larger birds I would recommend using only closed bands.

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