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Au Canada, de faon gnrale, les droits d'auteur prennent fin 50 ans aprs le premier jour de l'anne qui suit la mort de l'auteur.Licence Licence | Donations Dons | Our mission Mission | Contact information Comment nous contacter | How to create an ebook | Children / Enfants Wikipedia Then and Now (1946) Wikipedia [Novel, somewhat out of Maugham's usual path.It is a historical novel, set in sixteenth-century Italy, and starring no less a duo than Niccol Machiavelli Wikipedia and Cesare Borgia Wikipedia " comes to a lively and naughty tale, Somerset Maugham can hold his own with the best of the Italians and the Romans." (Ben Ray Redman, Saturday Review, )] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia Australian Dictionary of Biography An Old Captivity (1940) Wikipedia [Novel, an attractive mix of air adventure (Greenland, Canada, Scotland) and time travel (the late thirties and a millennium earlier), featuring pilot Donald Ross.] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Ehrengard (1963) [Novella: "another of her splendid Gothic tales that combine great ingenuity of plot with old-fashioned precision and purity of style." (Charles Alva Hoyt, Saturday Review, 29 June 1963) Ehrengard von Schreckenstein, as you might expect from someone with a name like that, is descended from an old and distinguished family, and as our story opens is the new maid-of-honour to Princess Ludmilla.One of the main characters is a somewhat dubious painter: "if Herr Cazotte was famous as a portraitist of fair ladies, he was no less celebrated and talked about as their conqueror and seducer, the irresistible Don Juan of his age." For more information on all this, read the novella!Tracy, Common Ground, Spring 1943)] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia Love Insurance (1914) [Novel, adapted to film no fewer than three times Wikipedia.A British Lord falls in love with an American heiress.

But all the combined powers of the Lensmen, whatever their stage, will be needed to confront the staggering threats which are emerging!

This could well happen as part of Donald Trump's proposed "renegotiation" of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): But Canada is not a colony of the United States and its corporations, or of any other country. Trade agreements are about tariffs and similar matters, not about hijacking another country's laws and confiscating their citizens' property -- the public domain. The ebooks on this website are in the Canadian public domain, and are offered to you at no charge.

If you live outside Canada, download an ebook only if you are certain that the book is in your country's public domain.

Of this political revolution there is no hint in Mason's novella, let alone any questioning of what exactly the British were doing there.

Rather, we have a skilfully narrated and enjoyable vignette of life on the North-West Frontier, featuring Captain Frank Carruthers, who at the invitation of the Khan of Tokot is being sent to establish a British Agency in the Khan's territory.

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