Candice accola dating steven r mcqueen

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He develops a mutual romantic relationship with her while protecting her and her loved ones both from his own nature and other vampires.

As of the season two finale Stefan reverted back to his darker side, the Ripper, in order to save Damon from dying from a fatal werewolf bite.

Caroline is Elena and Bonnie's ''other'' friend (and uncomfortably aware of this).

She is a young, bubbly, spunky, shallow human turned vampire.

He also fell in love with the troubled and older Girl Next Door, Vicki Donovan.

Early in the series, Stefan fatefully meets and falls in love with Elena Gilbert.She soon discovers that she is a witch, like her grandmother before her, but finds herself torn between her loyalty to Elena and her desire to protect the town of Mystic Falls from the vampires.Elena's little brother took their parents' death poorly, falling into self-destruction and drug abuse.When he wants to, Damon can be charming and hilarious...but also cruel and capricious, and capable of killing on a whim.

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