Celestial dating 17 rate date

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Interstellar "pollution" from thick dust lanes can be seen threading through the long band of stars.They are interspersed with a few pinkish emission nebulae from ongoing star formation.

The current night sky is dominated by the white glow of myriad middle-aged stars along the lane of the Milky Way.

Thousands of stars appear as pinpoints of light throughout the sky.

This is an imaginary view of our young Milky Way as it may have appeared 11 billion years ago, as seen from the surface of a hypothetical planet.

[Read the Full Story Here]The Hubble mosaic unveils a collection of carved knots of gas and dust in a small portion of the Monkey Head Nebula (also known as NGC 2174 and Sharpless Sh2-252).

The nebula is a star-forming region that hosts dusky dust clouds silhouetted against glowing gas.

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