Choose which sports dating craigslist dating fake

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This is because of what's known as the 'framing effect,' a principle that new research has proved, applies to mate selection, too.

This is because of what's known as the "framing effect," a principle that new research from Concordia has proved applies to mate selection, too.

Athletes tend to be able to handle challenges better than anyone else on campus can.

Being used to all the pressure and intensity a game can bring, they're able to handle semi-rocky relationships with ease.

When comparing the frat star and athlete, it's pretty clear which one wins this round.

Student athletes are committed to their schools, education, sports and loved ones.

This can provide more opportunities for you two to see each other. Forming and maintaining relationships with someone requires time and commitment from both people.

Both stereotypes offer their pros and cons and, to be blunt, any kind of dating in college can be categorized as complicated.

Sometimes in college, people are so busy that the only real time they have free is the weekend.

This is ideal if you love going out and partying with your man.

A hamburger that's 90 percent fat-free sounds a lot better than one with 10 percent fat.

And even when the choices are the same, humans are hard-wired to prefer the more positive option.

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