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In my opinion, witnessing orbs with your own eyes (in person) is far more credible, and harder to debunk than mere photos of orbs.If you see a bright, glowing orb with your own eyes (in person, not in a photograph), there's a good chance that it may be paranormal.Theory # 2 – Orb color difference is caused by the energy of the spirit who is represented by the orb.For example, some ghost hunters believe that red and orange orbs represent a spirit who is angry or in need of healing.Not all orbs are paranormal—however, not all orbs are dust/reflection/man-made.If you see orbs at a particular location (in person), and you can confirm this with EVP (or other evidence), then there's a good chance that what you're seeing on film could be paranormal.Here are a few examples of orb photographs: Not all "orbs" that appear in photographs are paranormal.In my experience, many of the orbs that appear in photographs can be explained by the flash reflecting off dust, particles, insects, or moisture droplets in the air in front of the camera.

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The color difference may simply be a reflection of the spirit's energy at the time of his death—or the color may be caused by the shape/frequency of of the orb (wavelength theory #1).Other shadow chasers claim that red is a color associated with an energy that seems to be on guard duty (often watching over a last outpost, or a loved one who has died).Dee asked whether a red orb should be considered negative or harmful.A week or two ago I started snapping random pictures around my room because of a situation I've been having with my clocks. Two nights ago, I decided to ask questions along with taking pictures.Almost immediately I caught what looks like an orb.

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