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Here's a running list of the projects that have been delayed, paused, or outright axed as a result of these scandals.

It has all but outwardly embraced the fact that it’s a hook up enabler, and it doesn’t appear to care about the “find the love of your life” schtick that most dating services stick with.

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If you want to exert a little more discretion in your courtship, you can browse people without making immediate decisions.If you’re looking for just about anyone to grab a drink with on demand and see what might come of it, you can do that too.Clover definitely enables more casual encounters if you choose to throw caution to the wind and start tapping the like button, knowing those people will see your curiosity.Users pick a time and location for a date and Clover finds them a partner.It’s an experience best served with cheap champagne.

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