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Some routers use 3W when idling, others 13W, and under load that will increase.

On the input side, the power supply on my router is rated at 5A, so I'd work on it being able to last for about 1.4 hours from a fully charged UPS, longer if it's mostly idle.

My requirements are simple, and I've now used this UPS successfully for over three years and have just replaced the battery.

It supports a couple of NAS drives, a VOIP phone, an LED monitor and a desktop PC, and successfully bridges any supply wobbles from the National Grid, which are infrequent but happen a few times a year.

I have since purchased PP-200 UPS, downloaded the latest software and, so far everything seems to be OK.

Beware, though - the supplied software does not work under Windows 8.1, even in compatibility mode for 7 or Vista.

The software doesn't do everything the user guide says it does.

There is supposed to be a function to deliberately run down the battery to condition it, but the screen grab in the guide doesn't represent the true options, and you can only do a 10-second self-test.

Unfortunately we don't have these available at the moment.

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