Dating a nigerian lady

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On the line opposite to me was a white woman, possibly in her early 40s; her husband, certainly in his mid-20s and their son (the cutest little munchkin I’ve seen in ages).

It was a difficult situation for me: I was torn between smiling at their very beautiful child and judging the older white woman who obviously lured the younger man to marry her.

The source added that this isn’t the first time Augustina would be involved in a mess like this, as she has snatched over 4 men from their wives.

Augustina is currently dating a man, who is a father of 5 kids, and the wife to that man got wind of the affair, and she confronted augustina.. After receiving the beating of her life, Augustina still went ahead on Facebook to threaten the woman, and said she’s gunning to be the second wife.

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You can’t even cheat on an Igbo man if he wants to be serious with you. They will Love you, but will also accommodate as many as their heart can accommodate.

As was routine, I was garbed in a worn out tee, PJ bottoms, and bathroom slippers, my signature resting bitch face…earphones plugged.

I didn’t really expect to see anything interesting until I joined the queue to pay.

And Igbo man will never do all these for you if he has not seen your parents, or if he doesn’t know every single detail about you. “Baby on Sunday, we are wearing ‘to match’ to church.” When they see him, they see you. Igbo men believe in “You give me I give.” No time to waste.! They are the people you will say “Know what’s up.” They are Guys who have mastered the art of flirting. A typical Port Harcourt man will promise to marry you.

He can accuse you of cheating 200 times out of 100. CALABAR MEN (Good in bed Men): They are one of the blunt and really brave Guys.

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