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In dating, the smartest thing you can do is to find a partner who has good self-esteem.That individual likes himself; she isn’t too critical of herself; and he accepts himself as-is and works on the parts of his personality or his […] Read more Hi there, If this is the fall where you can’t quite seem to get excited about the idea of new beginnings, I’m writing this to you.The cheesiest dudes in Europe were all gathered in one place for an epic sausage party with girls who were cockblocking at will. The next day I got on myself for not enduring a bit more, but it was a Sunday, and who gets laid on Sundays?I took it easy on Monday night, which I knew would be dead, and got myself ready for the big surge starting on Tuesday.While there are many things you can do to relieve stress, one aspect that you may not have considered is how creating a mindset of mindfulness may help to navigate the difficulties that all of us inevitably encounter along the way.Eharmony partnered with Stop, Breathe & […] Read more Dear Sara: After a year of going on dozens of so-so dates, I finally met a guy I really liked.

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While the style wasn’t as bad or gay as what Hel-looks broadcasts to the world, there were no more girls wearing 5 inch heels during the day along with sexy outfits. By comparison, in Denmark it took three full days just to find one decent-looking girl I wanted to approach. Since I was familiar with the region, I figured I could capture my flag quickly instead of staying for the normal two month allotment that I usually set for flagging and travel guide research.

It had the first species of women I met who were both transactional and extractive, where the best type of game to run is based on a college economics course.

The city I lived in, Kharkov, was dirty, unsightly, and poorly planned.

I was ready to do whatever it took to sleep with a Finnish girl.

— On my first night out, a Sunday, I found a club called Tiger that had mostly foreigners.

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