Dating fender cabinet

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The Sting Ray features a single humbucking Al Ni Co magnet pickup in the bridge position, and an active 3-band EQ running off a single 9-volt battery, accessible via a small door on the back.

The short headstock is typical of the Music Man design – at least one tuner is shifted to the treble side to reduce the length of the head, and improve overall weight distribution and balance.

Blending influences from three sources – the classic Gretsch White Falcon, the Jet body design, and the new Gretsch Players models.

Aside from being very flashy, this is a great playing and sounding guitar.

Every once in a while, something built as a promotional item for an industry trade show really takes off, gets more intention than expected and is put into production.

We rarely see these basses; they were not produced with the original 1950’s versions of the White Falcon, and first appeared around 2006 as a new model built for Gretsch at the Japan Terada plant (hence the JT at the start of the serial number).It has all the 1950’s Gretsch western decoration – the G-brand on the body, the Steer-head and cactus inlay set, 50’s style Bigsby arm and of course the Gretsch orange finish.It also has a couple of very modern upgrades – a pinned bridge and locking tuners for much faster string changes.He started building following a night course run by Bill Lewis, who went on to found Luthiers Mercantile.He has since built hundreds of instruments and has developed a unique body style for his guitars; he also offers Mandolins, Octave Mandolins and Celtic Bouzoukis.

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