Dating game monologue

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Remember to bring your sense of humor to dinner, because Gemini loves to joke around and have a good time.Cancers are seeking “the one.” They are serial monogamists who want to find their soulmates.Remember that they want to be rewarded for their generosity with copious amounts of gratitude. When they give you a great orgasm, let them know you’re blown away with their talents.A Virgo may be enthralled with you, but irritated by the way you chew your food.

Say what you mean and be careful with those words; especially when dating a Virgo.From Tyrion telling the nobility what he really thought of them to Brienne explaining her loyalty to Renly, here are the series’ best monologues so far. Littlefinger, “The Climb” (Season Three, Episode 6) Most memorable line: “Chaos is a ladder.” Finally, we got the Kingslayer’s side of the story, and what a story it was. to save the people of King’s Landing and kill the Mad King? changed his life permanently, but it also set the stage for all the events that would follow.Jaime painted a picture of a man torn between vows: to serve the king, to honour his father, to protect the innocent. It’s the best monologue because more than any other it represents what makes the show great: morality is complex.Gemini needs to be intellectually stimulated by a potential lover.If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, don’t date a Gemini.

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