Dating girl in punjab

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So, Sana Lokhandwala wrote a post a few days ago about the perks of dating Sindhis, and while I agree, all I can say is, did you forget about our Punjabis?

Punjabis are known for their love of food too, but unlike the Sindhis, a true Punjabi has a real appetite.

Whether it is a Punjabi kudi or a gabroo jawan, their charm and love-for-life attitude make them all the more appealing!

They’re like energiser bunnies running all over the place – and it’s contagious.

But if you are going to a relatively boring wedding with that special-Punjabi-someone, you can be sure to have a blast. Punjabis generally enjoy having a laid back life – not too ambitious – but when it comes to making bahanas – there’s no match to their creativity.

If they are sleepy and you wake them up for work, stay far away from the bed, because if you are anywhere close to it, they will convince you to come lie down and go to sleep too!

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While many of us get nervous meeting our sweetheart’s parents, Punjabis were born to meet parents!Blessed with a great sense of humour, a generous heart and an unrivalled sense of patriotism, Punjabis are quite delightful.This is not to say Sindhis aren’t, and no, I am not Punjabi, I just know that Punjabis are just as great.Make it a grand day with a place close to nature’s bounty.USP: A breath-taking and truly invigorating ambiance, tastefully done in earthy and red tones with partially open dining space to enjoy your lovely dinner in the cool breeze.

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