Dating norms in france

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The lucky children in this country get introduced to an assortment of food which helps them appreciate a good meal at an early age.Their young taste buds are exposed to a variety of flavors.Source: It is normal for kids in United States and a great deal of other countries in the world to regularly eat burgers, hotdogs, chicken fingers, and fries.

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Back in France however, this is not considered as sexism but it is just typical French galantrie.You can either follow their lead or hate them for being such gastronomic snobs.Source: amberschristiangirltalk.(but please don’t smoke) Picture this: a woman is about to step out of a café and a man she doesn’t even know helps her put on her coat and holds the door open for her.It is true that there are also a lot of prejudices against the French that have resulted into some made up observations about them.However, even if you set aside such prejudices, it will still be obvious that the French sometimes act and do some stuff in a strange way that is unique to their culture.

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