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After an ever-so-brief shopping expedition, we did the suburban thing and got back in the car to drive the two blocks to the restaurant. They've split the dining room with an array of tropical plants and a bubbling fountain; Casablanca-style fans slowly revolve overhead.

They've left the floor concrete and upholstered the booths in synthetic burlap. "And very much aimed at a family crowd," she noted, looking at a nice young couple with two well-behaved adolescents sitting nearby. Several months ago, on my first visit, I cringed when the young guitarist performing in the lounge launched into Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" and followed it up with America's "Horse With No Name." "I know what you're thinking," Carol said that night.

And then there's the Sunset Grill in Overland Park, which is not, I'm sorry to say, built on stilts overlooking an azure sea.

The view from its big windows is a blacktop parking lot.

"There's kind of a 1970s feel to this restaurant." Her words rang particularly true when I opened the menu and saw some interesting similarities between it and the Houlihan's menu from that bygone era.

Back in the '70s, Houlihan's featured different kinds of burgers and salads, imaginative soups, a couple of steak options and festive cocktails.

I brought a high-powered interior designer, Carol Ann, with me on one of my four visits to the Sunset Grill.

She's a very busy working gal who rarely ventures south of 119th Street though the promise of a pre-supper spin through that Stein Mart sold her on the date. Lampe and Tierney have done a pretty good job of creating a coastal ambience on a limited budget.

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Henley does invite his listeners to "watch the working girls go by" a visual that's unimaginable at 145th Street and Metcalf unless the working girl is a crisply dressed corporate executive driving her Lexus to the Stein Mart around the corner.

Richard, however, was adventurous and ordered the tortilla chicken.

Unfortunately, it wasn't very spicy, despite a blanket of beach fire sauce.

The stuff was only as tropical as a spoonful of pico de gallo and fried tortilla strips would allow.

Johnson Countians can take only so much spice, after all.

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