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This is how most Russian people have developed their taste for live performances.Movie theatres are also becoming popular in Russia and they are equipped with the latest sound systems.At the same time the majority of Russians don't have what you call in the west "good manners". Russia is quite a tough country and Russians usually do not hesitate to say what they think in a way that doesn't leave room for any misunderstandings.

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They often have to rely on their friends to help them out.The standard secondary school program includes studying of a foreign language for 6 years (grades 5-11), usually it is English but also can be French, German or Spanish.Most subjects in the course of a secondary school are mandatory for all schools throughout the whole Russia, and only since recently there are some subjects that students can choose in addition to the general course.You know someone who knows someone who is in power; this is the way they have the things done.If you know the right people, you can have the most difficult things done with little effort.

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