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A Russian-born Israeli Jew has been visiting holy sites across the Muslim world, including mosques in Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Photos and videos Ben Tzion posted Monday on his social media accounts from the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina — Islam’s second-holiest site — prompted angry comments from some Muslim users, leading Instagram to suspend his account on Tuesday.

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“They talk in normal, human terms: they ask, how are you? Tzion lived in Rostov-on Don until he was 19, when his parents sent him to study business and entrepreneurship at Babson College, outside Boston, he said. And it was always my intention to come to Israel,” he said.

It was there that he made friends from Saudi Arabia, who hosted him during his most recent visit. Last year, Tzion traveled to Tehran and the Shiite holy city of Qom in Iran, to visit the Persian friends — Jewish and Muslim — he had made in college, he said. I mean, Mesopotamia was the birthplace of science and medicine, and it’s where the Babylonian Talmud originated.

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