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Talmage, who based his statement about Jesus’s birth date on the idea that D&C 20:1—which names Tuesday, April 6, 1830, as the date of the organization of the latter-day Church—means that exactly 1,830 years had passed (to the day) since the Savior’s birth. Reuben Clark, who served as both First and Second Counselor in the First Presidency, published , Clark pointed to the traditional early winter time frame for the date of Jesus’s birth.

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But in order to be as helpful to students as I could, I have taken as the date of the Savior’s birth the date now accepted by many scholars,—late 5 b.c. In the timetables he employed in his book, Clark listed his preferred time range for Jesus’s nativity as December of 5 bc, and the time range of the Annunciation to Mary as nine months earlier in March of 5 bc. Mc Conkie was the third General Authority to prepare a systematic study of the life of Christ.

Deseret Book Company published the four-volume series, beginning in 1979.

Talmage maintained that Jesus Christ was born on April 6 in the year 1 bc.

Talmage was apparently the first LDS writer to propose this particular date.

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