Dating tips from the millionaire matchmaker

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You, ultimately, decide what’s important to you and where you want to spend your time.You have to make your choices, and those choices have consequences. The point of any self-improvement program is that you’re going to be a better person when you finish than you are right now. But think of it this way: How many people do you know who talk about their goals?You know one of the things I hear the most when I’m teaching people about what it takes to get better at dating?“Jesus Christ, there’s no way I can keep track of all of this! ” I’ve lost track of how many people who’ve taken a look at the archives and thrown up their hands and said “fuck this shit.” And to be perfectly fair: I can get that.Some of these choices are easier than others: most people aren’t able to work fewer hours, for example, so you can’t take time out from your job to train for a marathon.Other times, you decide that the opportunity cost is too high; you take fewer hours at work, but it would come with a commensurate reduction in pay, which would mean having a harder time in other areas that are a priority such as paying bills and being able to afford food.

But whenever we take on a new goal – whether it’s trying to improve your social skills, start a new exercise regimen, train for a marathon, write a novel, whatever – we do so without stopping to think about how we’re going to fit this into our lives. This is what’s known as the “opportunity cost”; you’re making the decision between two mutually exclusive options, understanding that the potential gain from one option is price of the other.

You’re going to have your dream career as a game designer, cranking out the next AAA title that’s going to be the talk of E3!

But none of that’s going to happen unless you actually You know: all the hard work and literally thousands of hours of effort it takes to actually achieve your dreams. To give a personal example: for a very long time, I wanted to be a professional freelance artist – writing and drawing comics, creating storyboards for movies, book covers, the works! I had a website, a kick-ass portfolio and gumption to spare.

What I like progress; you’re spinning your wheels and pretending you’re moving.

Reading dating advice blogs means nothing if you’re not going out and putting it into practice.

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