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Now the bad news: Foreigners cannot buy tickets at it's only in Chinese and only accepts Chinese bank cards (although if you happen to be an ex-pat with a Chinese bank card and a basic knowledge of Mandarin, you can follow these instructions for using 12306here).

So you should buy tickets through one of the following reliable recommended agencies, who charge a small fee. Or buy from a local train ticket agency for an RMB 5 fee.

Peak holiday periods means on and around the Spring Festival, May Day on 1st May and National Day on 1st October.

Chinese trains generally have four classes, although you won't find every class on every train: Chinese train numbers usually start with a letter, which indicates the category of train.China has one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in the world, and trains link almost every town & city.Chinese trains are a safe, comfortable & cheap way to travel around China, and a Chinese train journey is an experience in itself, in contrast with less reliable and environmentally-unfriendly internal flights.Barriers close 5 minutes before departure, and the train is then shown as 'check out'.Photos in this section are courtesy of Sunil Mehta.

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