Drew barrymore adam sandler dating

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Legends of the Fall starred Brad Pitt who was looking as handsome as ever (per usual).However, his hunky portrayal of Tristan Ludlow wasn’t exactly “with the times.” Set in the 1910’s, Pitt’s character was sporting 1960’s style male hair and stubble on his face.

These medals, in fact, were worn towards the end of World War ll and the film was set in 1938. Colin Firth gave the performance of his lifetime in the 2010 film, The King’s Speech.Sometimes, whether on purpose or not, films make some serious mistakes when it comes to the actor’s apparel.An example of such a mistake would be a piece of clothing that would not have been invented at the time that the film is set in.We wouldn’t usually notice such mistakes but there are those out there who make it their mission to seek out blunders such as these and broadcast them to the world.We found the very best of these mistakes, or is it the worst of these mistake?

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