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After doing this numerous times I started to circle her hard clit with my finger. After a good half hour of this teasing I started to rub her g spot and her clit at the same time.

I would slide a finger part way in and ever so slightly rub her g spot.

Occasionally she would lick the head as it popped out. I am going to consider myself single that week." I shall end here.

She continued with an amazing blow job to the point I told her I was getting close. They were so big that just the tip of my cock would pop out as I tit fucked her. I will try to stay on my side of the bed." "Brian, I told you I would date you if I was single. That just wants me to go to Mexico that much more with you.

As I massaged her breast I felt her hand on my thigh making its way to my already hard cock. There was no sexy kissing and undressing each other.

By our 4th date we were having a heavy make out session on the couch. I moved my hand to the front and slid it up under her bra.

I shot several ropes of cum across my chest and stomach. My cock just got harder than before and I already came. I didn't have much cum but the orgasm was the best I had with her. Yet she did not like Black people, Asians and poor people.

She came hard saying "Fuuuuck, what the hell did you do to me? She did a lot of weird stuff in the middle of the night that she didn't remember.

I only was half way in before she told me I had to pull out. Let me make it up to you." With that she went right to my cock with her mouth. Her hips started to rise off the bed thrusting against my hand.

It was hard as her body was practically convulsing from pleasure. I want to feel you cum in my pussy." I moved up and she took my cock into her hand and guided me into her pussy. She pretty much passed out and I was left with an erection to take care of myself.

" I kept going until she had 3 more equally strong orgasms. This was one of those nights when she had plenty of wine and took her Ambien.

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