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However the social system that created conditions of poverty and inequality was not to be improved or replaced via social revolution.

Instead Booth hoped to promote a "kinder, gentler" form of industrial capitalism, one with the "Christian values" of hard work, abstinence and charity.

As Booth put it, "a philanthropic body cannot afford to alienate the class which supports it".(11) This is a notion very much alive in the Army today.(12) Most famously the Army clashed with the Industrial Workers of the World in a series of countries. During the early part of this century the IWW put most of its effort into trying to win over unskilled and transient workers.

Along with all the other Christian sects they were quick to claim a slice of each country's native people as their spiritual property.

Its own organisational setup reflected this love of authority, with a military structure complete with uniforms and an army band.

Control of the Army passed from Booth to his oldest son and stayed there, until high-ranking officers pulled a coup.(4) The organisation's basic dictatorship stayed untouched, with little power at the grassroots and almost total control at the top.(5) The moral code that was enforced was extreme, even by the standards of society when it started.

There was no drinking, swearing, smoking, premarital sex or gambling allowed.

The only permissible pleasure was praying and playing in the Army band.

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