Feelings when divorced spouse starts dating

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It's just not true......it's been almost 7 months and statstics show most "SEX affairs" fzzle out after about 4 months.

He has been sick and in the hospital 4 times, he had a job change so was unemployed for a few weeks and I never left his side.

Once he forgives someone its gone, he doesnt hold onto it.

More than just using the word love, I admire him, he s my best friend I laugh with, I cry with...knows all my thoughts and feelings in this.

You may be promising to change everything about yourself they don’t like. This isn’t the time to push for marriage counseling if your partner is resistant to the idea.

However, don’t agree to leave the house if your spouse asks you.

I love him....thats what you do when you want a lfe with some one.

In their panic and desperation, they cannot see how their actions are pushing their partner even further away.

They see their world falling apart and they begin to panic. But invariably, they do all the wrong things to try and save the marriage.

I know he loves me..the way he looks at me, the way he helps even when I dont ask, he wears my favorite color, he prays with me, we have asked God for forgiveness of our weakness in this.

We know Jesus saves, we know sn is forgiven....we both struggle with our love being wrong when neither of us have ever wanted to be with someone so much.

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