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If you read a review of a Roomba in the technology press or an Amazon comments section, you’ll see one common complaint – robotic vacuum cleaners aren’t terribly powerful at sucking up dirt. They’re much smaller than normal vacuum cleaners, and rather than depending on a mains power source, they have to use (and conserve) a battery pack.

Advocates of robotic vacuum cleaners argue that this isn’t a problem, since robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to run more frequently than you would ordinarily vacuum a home.

Doubly so when you consider that there are a plethora of Shenzhen-made knockoffs that have flooded e Bay, the Amazon marketplaces, and Ali Express.

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It also seemingly has solved the performance issues inherent with many rival robotic vacuums, but at a cost of size.

Their value proposition just isn’t all that strong.

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It’s so big and heavy, it has to propel itself through tank tracks.

This significantly enlarged size means that it struggles to get underneath furniture.

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