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If nothing else, “Rat Dog” gave us the “schmohawk,” a term that passed down from Larry’s father and somehow didn’t originate in his own mind.The fact that Larry can barely muster any more feeling for a deaf woman’s puppy than a spider he’d squash on the sidewalk only gets so much mileage. Larry and Leon, accidentally switch phones and cost each other a job and social relationship, respectively, “Rat Dog” finally has some bite.The shenanigans with the coat wear thin, but time can never scrub the sight of Larry attempting to charm Hugh Hefner’s “Girls Next Door” by suggesting a game of group ventriloquism.Elizabeth Banks is just one of this episode’s blink-and-you-miss-them characters (ahem, Susie’s Little Sister Katie), but she makes her time count.standout Toby Huss) to Ted Danson’s birthday party outside at all.

Then again, he and fellow idiot Jeff opted in after seeing said inventor’s homely wife (the great Aida Turturro) and assuming he’s a man of integrity. Plenty expected President Trump to be a target, though instead we got … The seemingly dated fatwa story line would eventually pay dividends, though “Foisted!

tossing apple cores in strangers’ garbage cans, hectoring a grieving widow (Caroline Aaron), and fetishizing her late husband’s wardrobe.

Though perhaps that’s why when Larry gets his teeth knocked out by a piñata bat (score one for his most terrorized demo, children), it’s poetically just.

And for better or worse, the debut of Larry’s recurring incognito accessories.

, does come to pass), he may well gain entry as commendation for his honesty.

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