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Dr Mendle looked at 1,382 boys and girls, each of whom was related to at least one other subject through their mother.

Most of the mothers were pairs of sisters, but some were identical twins or first cousins raised as sisters.

IT HAS long been a puzzle that girls who grow up without their fathers at home reach sexual maturity earlier than girls whose fathers live with them.

For years, absent fathers have taken the blame for this, because growing up quickly has negative consequences for girls.

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They were surveyed every year from 1979 to 1994 and then every second year.To find out, they compared young people who had grown up without their dads with cousins whose dads remained at home.If the environmental effect of a father's absence was causing children to mature faster, they reasoned, that would show up. In fact, the more closely related the cousins were—by having mothers who were identical twins, for instance, versus cousins—the closer their age at first sexual experience, says Dr Mendle.Oh, by the way, there already were strap-ons a century ago. Get more videos like this one, register for an account today!If you appreciate porn classics, get ready for a nostalgic porn blast from the past!

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