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One of the characteristics of the YA novel is the dynamics of power relations: power versus repression.

The obvious result is a rebellion against the power and repression by social institutions like the school, the church and parents.

Trites (2000) describes the YA novel within a framework of postmodernism and power structures as a genre that situates the individual as both composed of institutional forces and compromised by them.

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Die gevolge wat hierdie aksies en rebellie inhou, sluit aan by die proses van volwassewording wat kenmerkend is van die jeugroman en die Entwicklungsroman.

The alternating chapters, which are told in the present, are framed with .

The heading of chapters is given in HTML programming language which shows the beginning and end of a file.

He discovers the enjoyment of his role as a hacker as a “real life game” and a reality.

He also experiences the typical hybrid identity of the adolescent in a liminal world – as Greg and G-4ce, his computer name.

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