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What’s more, everyone supporting the quarantine has been on the right, and everyone opposing on the left.

Weird that so many people suddenly develop strong feelings about a complicated epidemiological issue, which can be exactly predicted by their feelings about everything else.

It would be really hard to switch these two positions around.

If the Republicans were to oppose a quarantine, it might raise the general question of whether closing the borders and being scared of foreign threats is always a good idea, and whether maybe sometimes accusations of racism are making a good point.

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This oppression is based on ignorance, bigotry, xenophobia, denial of science, and a false facade of patriotism.

Vox declares Americans to be “overreacting” and keeps telling them to calm down, whereas its similarly-named evil twin Vox Day has been spending the last week or so spreading panic and suggesting readers “wash your hands, stock up a bit, and avoid any unnecessary travel”. The third theory is that everything in politics is mutually reinforcing. The Narrative is something like “We Americans are right-thinking folks with a perfectly nice culture.

But there are also scary foreigners who hate our freedom and wish us ill.

And if by chance a Democrats had proposed quarantine before a Republican, the situation would have reversed itself? Much more interesting is the theory that the fear of disease is the root of all conservativism. There has been a lot of really good evolutionary psychology done on the extent to which pathogen stress influences political opinions.

Some of this is done on the societal level, and finds that societies with higher germ loads are more authoritarian and conservative.

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