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Never give out your password ( does not matter how much you trust them ). Try to stay clear of the forum especially if you under 13.Playing the game I have seen some inappropriate stuff in the forums , Its mostly just teens on the game trolling ( in this case making comments that they probably don't means to get a reaction from other teens on the site ).

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This is not information that you would want strangers knowing about you. Never give out your phone number or your username to messaging apps ( Kik , skype ) For starters your phone number is something only people you have met face to face should know.

I like to travel and meet people and experience different cultures. I can say I am self-sufficient and independent in some way.

I need a companion who is able to be in any social situation and...

Someone who has your phone number can find you on any website that you have connected your number to.

Otherwise kids on the game seem to have a lot of frustration with "safe chat" ( the safe chat is a bit out of control in some ways with kids getting round it by using X's & emojis in between letters to spell out inappropriate words ) so they resort to giving people there messaging apps username.

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