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One of the best things about Digsby is the amount of customization you can do.

You can personalize everything about Digsby, from the buddy list theme and organization to chat windows and notifications.

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Every hi-definition video, every photo, in every site that we have is 100% Exclusive to these sites.

You can make free PC-to-PC calls, or calls to telephones at a low rate.

You can add plugins, download different emoticons sets, IMVironments (their interactive themes), play games, and install custom sounds and ringtones.

You can also check your email directly from the client.

It also offers synchronization so you don’t have to re-customize every installation on your multiple computers.

You can check your Live or Hotmail email, browse the MSN portal (news, weather, celebrity gossip, sports, and look up local movie times), and play games, all from Windows Messenger.

If you integrate your social media accounts, you can update your status and add photos.

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