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Following this process, we trialled the switch off of a number of medium wave transmitters and asked for audience feedback. Absolute Radio’s relays an 11 k Hz came in, the latter with an echo-y sound.Taken together, the audience feedback and the coverage data have informed which medium wave transmitters are unlikely to be value for money in the longer term. was reactivated a few months ago from Arad, so the signal does not yet come also from Deva at present!

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For many years it could only be heard through bedside radios in the Victoria Hospital but in 2002 it was awarded a licence to broadcast on medium wave. Maybe SNRT El Aiún was there, but they're often at a much reduced modulation level, so it's easy to miss when the channel is offering other stations. for a broadcasting licence to operate an ethnic commercial specialty FM radio station in Winnipeg to replace its ethnic commercial AM radio station CKJS Winnipeg.The applicant group demonstrated considerable support for the service from the target community (1d).Ofcom noted the applicant group’s work with different organisations in the community, and its plans to provide access and training to community members (1g).1.10 (In May this year Radio Ninesprings was awarded .In accordance with ownership rules, it will need to surrender that licence offer should it decide to take up this FM licence offer.) [...] https:// https:// published online on 5 December 2017 via does not yet give much information about the station.

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