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It can also encode SMTP communication (sent and received).

To encode SMTP reception using TLS, prepare key pairs beforehand.

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When selecting the desired number of destinations registered on this machine, you can specify the following forward destinations.

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Generally, an SMTP server is used for sending, and an SMTP server or a POP3 sever is used for receiving. For details about necessary settings, contact the Internet service provider or network administrators.

POP authentication before sending (POP before SMTP) is a confirmation of users by the POP server (reception mail server) before sending, which is a function to block unauthorized e-mails sent by third parties.

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For example, if you are using Office 365, etc., you must set the SMTP sending port number to "587." For details, contact the Internet service provider or the network administrators.

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Internet fax services typically include e-mail to fax (fax from an existing e-mail application), fax to e-mail (receive faxes in your e-mail), and PC to fax (fax documents from your desktop).

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