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SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago says: "The interim board wants to make absolutely sure that journalists are given the space to do their work freely.

They are taking a very proactive approach to ensure that the working environment is good." But while Krige says that there have been improvements at the SABC within the past two months, he reiterates the widespread concerns in the South African media industry that there is an increasingly "orchestrated effort" to intimidate local journalists, and that this extends far beyond the public broadcaster.

She reported from the front lines in Gaza, Libya and Syria.

Venter's father says she was committed to her job, and to "good journalism - journalism with integrity," to the point of obsession. But Venter's passion for her work allegedly came to play a role in her sudden death at the end of June 2017, aged 32.

Philip Venter believes this condition ultimately claimed his daughter's life.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kanyago maintains that while Suna Venter's passing was a "terrible loss", at no stage has the intimidation that she faced, nor her death, "been linked to the SABC." Like Venter, Krige says he also received "about 13 or 14" death threats after the SABC 8 applied to South Africa's Constitutional Court to have the SABC's refusal to air protest footage declared unconstitutional in September 2016.

He says he was labelled a "traitor" and a "liar" and that threats were also directed at his family.

Also known as Broken Heart Syndrome, stress cardiomyopathy can cause rapid and severe heart muscle weakness.Venter had found her calling: she was set on becoming a journalist.At the age of 24 Venter would go on to become a current affairs journalist and producer for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), the state-owned public broadcaster.Cape Town, South Africa - As a nine-year-old, Suna Venter used to plead with her mother to let her skip school so she could watch coverage of the first Iraq War on the news."She was absolutely fascinated by the people on the fringes of the war, the children especially who were impacted by wars, and fascinated by the fact that this could be publicised, televised and so on," her father, Philip, remembers.

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