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On top of it, I had low self-esteem so I let all their invalidation continue, not realizing they were all killing my spirit and that it was so so so wrong.So, I had have all these people who invalidated me while I was trying to become successful. Some years ago, I divorced my husband, after years of courage and preparation.I am writing this because of the good response from my empowerment article. Invalidation is defined simply as rejection, ignoring, mocking, judging, diminishing someone's feelings. If you are very sick in the bedroom and your husband or family does not come in for 8 hours to check on you in your bedroom, that is invalidation. If you leave a voice message on the answer machine or text and the other person doesn't finish listening to the message or doesn't return the call if appropriate, that is invalidation.Today I am speaking of the silent abuse: INVALIDATION. Women who are under this colorless veil of silent abuse will often awaken in the morning depressed. If they ask everyone in the room what they would like to drink but they don't ask you, that is invalidation.

Actually, I kind of went overboard to be TOO nice and in their face which may have caused a little narcissism.

I am home sick with the flu today so I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about something very important to women in particular. So, I encourage you, if this topic interests you to read it. " This is quite another matter and will come to you quickly and probably with some guilt feelings. For example, if you say something and the other person doesn't answer. If you walk into a room and they walk out, that can be invalidation.

I wrote an article some time ago in my journal about empowerment in which I talk a lot about my death of spirit due to my husband's silent abuse, the almost deadly effect on me and what I did to regain my soul spirit. IT comes in many forms so you don't see or realize it.

I went through years of silent abuse, thinking if I tried harder, if I was nicer it would work, I would change and please my husband. I think silent abuse is the worst of all abuses because you don't see it, but it weights you down like heavy bags of sand on your shoulders.

For years when a person came to me because they had to change because the other people at work didn't like them or their husband or in-laws didn't like them, I would tell them. Your problem is you are with people who do not value or appreciate who you are." I never dreamed that was my problem also.

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