Is ashley leggat dating

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Leggat hosted the 2012 "Count Me In Conference", which has been recognized as the largest youth-run empowerment event in North America.

Following the event, Leggat logged onto Twitter to share her support for Count Me In saying "@Shane Feldman You are the most inspirational person in my life!

"We could not see each other for years, and it's like no time has passed at all when we do see each other," Leggat shared.

"[We] just instantly want to get into antics," Seater added.

But when they are able to get together, it feels as if nothing changed. She is known for her roles as Casey Mc Donald in the Canadian family comedy series Life with Derek and as Ashley Dunnfield in the television movie The Perfect Roommate.Leggat began her theatrical training with Theatre Aquarius's Performing Arts Program under the direction of Lou Zamprogna.that he just knows what to say to get me in the place I need to be," she said.Leggat went into detail about how easily Seater communicated with the actors and how open he was to their ideas, further establishing a synergistic environment.

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