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Any report of economic impact or direct spending was left to the CVB and where it’s “Not Reported” we’ve chosen to leave it “Not Reported.” Here is our disclaimer.The financial figures obtained from the CVBs are all over the map, so do your own research.The Delta’s will visit New Orleans in 2010 and The Links will descend upon Detroit in the summer of 2010.These sisters and their organization’s are too big to ignore for any supplier.Well, this fourth edition of Black Meetings and Tourism’s annual report on the largest African-American conventions seems to suggest that despite all the doom and gloom pronouncements, African-American attendance appears to be bucking the trend.While individual events suffered somewhat others exploded.

Our intent is to have our readers hold on to this issue and use as a resource.

The first entry in our top 25, the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education attracted 55,000 to Detroit.

Collectively, attendance at most African-American events held steady as compared to 2008 and some actually experienced a slight increase such as the NAACP’s 100th Anniversary gathering held in New York City.

For example, the Links, Inc will have a regional conference in Detroit next June.

Region 4 of the National Society of Black Engineers will conduct their annual conference in Cincinnati during the month of November 2009.

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