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“We have heard back specifically on around 300-plus actual weddings so far around the world.”Yet romance on the internet is an issue with which my millennial Muslim friendship circle have a love-hate relationship. This includes "follow me" photos of couples leading each other through exotic places, affectionate moments, pairs in matching sweaters, selfies of couples performing hajj together, and countless wedding photos.

There are even accounts dedicated to curating photos of Muslim couples, such as "Hijab Muslim couples", which has more than 107,000 followers.

"We started like that."Soon, Harun, who is of Bosnian heritage, was exchanging messages with Hamida Zaourgui, whose family is Algerian, every day.

Three and a half years on, Harun, 30, is now married to Hamida, 29, and both live in London.

Where did NOI come from, and how long has it existed? Fard appeared in Detroit in 1930, selling goods door to door and telling his customers in Detroit's African-American ghetto of their ancestral "homeland" across the seas.

NOI was founded in Detroit, Michigan in the early 1930s by Wali Farad (or W. Fard passed the torch to Elijah Muhammad, who formulated NOI's most controversial tenets, including that he [Elijah Muhammad] was Allah's prophet and that Caucasians were racially inferior.

After the death of Elijah Muhammad, his son Warith Deen Muhammad steered the movement away from its previous beliefs to mainstream Islam.

Another branch, under Louis Farrakhan, split off and retained the Nation of Islam's more controversial creed. In the movement's early decades, NOI members had to follow strict rules regarding eating (various foods, such as pork, were forbidden), smoking and drinking (both banned), dress and appearance (conservative, neat clothing and good grooming were required), and all kinds of personal behavior (drugs, the use of profanity, gambling, listening to music, and dancing were all outlawed).

Well, he found love on Instagram, while he was living there in 2013.He was scrolling through pictures on his phone when he came across a woman living in the south of France who had taken a photo of herself in high heels, wearing a Wu-Tang Clan T-shirt and a turban wrapped around her hair."I thought it was a really good combination, and I love Wu-Tang Clan, so I must've commented," he says. The Nation of Islam is an African-American religious movement that incorporates Islamic elements with race-based theology.Is the Nation of Islam the same as "regular" Islam, just with an all-black membership? There are significant differences between Nation of Islam (NOI) and traditional Islam, including the function of prophets and whether or not Allah has incarnated.

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