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She likes to have all the attention on her and often chooses to rebel so people will notice her. Executive producer, Susan Bower said Natasha loves to gossip and wants to be a famous model.She often clashes with Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas), who is a feminist and quite the opposite to her.Natasha casually dates Ivan De Marco (Ben Knight) and in a bid to appear more mature, she sends him naked photos of herself.They are leaked, causing a scandal amongst Natasha's school friends.

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' UK fans see Susan Kennedy's sister Carmel Tyler arrive back in Erinsborough next month.

Novakovic stated that Natasha and Summer are "frenemies." The actress also explained that she finds playing Natasha challenging, as her persona is quite different from her own.

Novakovic has said that she would like to see Natasha grow up, become nicer and turn over a new leaf.

Natasha and Andrew work together to change the posters, so they are no longer revealing.

They then attend a concert together and kiss at the end of the night.

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