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If I can help a little girl who feels trapped to come out—oh, my gosh, that would mean the world to me.”“Gay icon” is an interesting choice of label.

The concept of a “gay icon” to many triggers images of celebrities like Cher or Lady Gaga—larger than life, often campy entertainment industry figures who embrace and celebrate the queer community…but also who are largely icons more to gay men than to lesbians.

A gay icon, on the other hand, is a celebrity of any sexual orientation or gender who achieves cult status within much of the gay community because of their glamor, flamboyance, wit, or strength through adversity.

Most gay icons have supported gay social movements.

So where are the gay icons for the gay female community? To begin with, whether O’Neal wants to be a role model or an icon, I welcome both as important roles in the queer community.

…I hope I’ll inspire women to experiment more and try dating women if they want to.

We can't assume she's been spending all or most of her free time in Vancouver just because we know she was there for a few days.

We just don't know where she spends every day of her free time since she's not on social media as much as Sara.

The fact that most “gay icons” seem to resonate more with men than women, however, is notable.

Gay icons can be powerful allies because of their high-profile visibility, which the queer community benefits from.

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