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This is just another way that people who want to be bigots try to justify their bigotry, and using people who are starving to do it is particularly despicable. He is saying that, given a chance, he would kill all fat people, then burn us.

It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s a call for genocide.

) For while obesity as a demographic phenomenon can be classed as disease, epidemic, socio-economic tragedy, whatever, on an individual, case-by-case basis, each actual fat person is blatantly just a badly brought-up, greedy little son of a bitch committing the unforgivable sin of gluttony in a world where there is not enough food to go round. The thing that ruins your life is this kind of (fact-free) fatphobia.

“Obesity” isn’t a disease, it’s not an epidemic, or a tragedy – it’s just a ratio of weight and height.

Hunger is a complex issue that has to do with things like capitalism, nationalism, racism and more.

Large objects – a boot, a coffee mug, a chair, a mailbox – fly by in the wind as the rain pours down. Giles Coren writes a column for Esquire about fatherhood.People’s choices and sizes are none of Giles’ business.People of all sizes wear untucked shirts and have shiny faces.Granted, a ratio onto which some people (many for profit, others for attention, others because they are simply bigots) have heaped tons of negativity.Also be clear that there is plenty of food to go around.

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