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When his arm evolved further, the skin seemed to smooth out more.

Because of his odd hair color and his strange arm, Allen has a tendency to cover his hair with hats and hoods, wearing gloves and long-sleeved shirts to keep people from seeing his arm.

Timcanpy is mostly golden yellow with a lighter yellow cross across its front. He refuses to accept gifts of other that he estimates he didn't earn.He has medium-length gray/white hair that has now grown to shoulder-length, silver/gray (purple in the Hallow anime) eyes, and his skin is somewhat pale.His eyebrows and eyelashes are the same color as his hair.Mana's last words to Allen the first time were 'Keep walking, you must keep walking'.Mana was buried on top of a hill and Allen became very sad, summoning 'The Creator' or 'The Millennium Earl'.

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