Mariah carey nick cannon started dating

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When it didn't sell as well, she went back to her old bubble gum sound.

Alec Baldwin may seem like a nice guy, but listen to the message he left his daughter regarding the divorce.

(And we mean .) Chris Brown apologized for his actions, which is something he should have some practice with. I mean, in terms of breakups, Chris Brown has done much worse.

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With Beyonce‘s twins finally in the world for the first time, we’re reflecting on all of the other celebrities who have twins, including those you may not have known about.After a couple has had their private sex tape become one of the most successful videos in the country, it's hard to maintain a marriage.This break up took a dirty turn when the couple publicly revealed that Tommy Lee gave her Hepatitus. I guess you could say it's a public breakup when your relationship is the subject of its own reality show.The only difference between the video and the real breakup is that the real breakup probably featured much less singing and dancing.After apparently being dumped via text message by Russell Brand, Katy Perry attempted to slightly revamp her image and talked about releasing more adult-sounding music that was clearly about the end of the relationship.

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