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When it comes to beauty, I am not a loyal person - there I said it!

Be it products or brands, doesn't matter, if I was in their army I would end of deserting and running over enemy lines to the other side!

For those in the know, this is way old news, but for you newbies out there, this stuff is magic!

If anything belongs in a genie shaped bottle, this is it! Although I really do love the bottle and think it's adorable, the design makes it impossible to get at all of the product so you think you are finished when really it is only half empty.

I do the same thing again the second night and by day 3 the pimple is toast.

Even before I had my Tanda, this gel does a fab job by itself, it would still dry up and de-red the pimple overnight. Should you be so lucky as to live someplace (Utopia?

Luckily the primer itself is wonderful enough to make up for the packaging defect. This is more of a treatment then an actual plumper although it is supposed to also have plumping effects. As luck would have it, I sailed through my teen years without a pimple to be seen.

Whatever it is supposed to do, it does exactly what I was hoping for which was to get rid of the tiny vertical lines in my lips. With other lip treatments I would wake up in the morning with dry peeling skin on my lips but this has never happened with Lip Fusion, it keeps my lips soft and moist. Now that I don't have the excuse of teenaged skin - pimples make regular visits.

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