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I decided after years of dating the wrong women it was time to do something proactive to meet a good one.

I came in and met with Craig, who really broke down what was going on in my past relationships.

I left that meeting with a feeling that someone finally understood me. So far everything is going great and I really have to thank MQI for introducing me to ladies that are so well suited for me. I've been an MQI girl for the past couple years and all I can say is this is a wonderful company who gets to know the girls and who truly wishes for the girls and their clients to find love. I love the mystery behind the blind dating and have met some really amazing men! You may hear stories like what I'm about to share and think; "No way, it couldn't have been that easy." But the truth is, it was.

I went into MQI for an interview last fall-2016 and met Sheila who had a friendly conversation with me about what I was looking for in a mate.

Five months later we are in love, enjoying travel, adventures and are planning our future.

Thank you Sheila & Craig & Model Quality Introductions!

My matchmaker is always very professional and I have always felt very comfortable and at ease.

My friend convinced me to apply for MQI after seeing the ad in the magazine.

She spoke about this agency as the most premier upscale and successful matchmaking company.

Although I didn't select her initial recommendations, she was getting warmer with each choice for me.

One month later she made 'the match" who had all of the qualities I was looking for in a gentleman.

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