Nfs mount folder contents not updating

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Like the output of ls -l statements to show permissions/owners.And on "How do I control permissions to these folders" I can say: permission to files/directories in Unix/Linux is by user and group ownership and the access bits. I am sticking to the way they say in the documentation using the mount commands they supply as examples - just adjusting the folder paths, user info etc.Thanks for your help so far Now this is getting a bit difficult, because I am afraid I have to teach you several things before you will understand yoursekf what your problems are. The access of that file can then still be denied or allowed.Example: /home is owned by root:root, it can be read and searched by everybody, but only root may write (rwxr-xr-x).

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I've set Up the NFS Server on three machines each has 2 TB data storage size.

Thus root has to make the individual home directories such as /home/henk.

This will be made owned by henk:users (could be a different group, but users is very much used).

Also note that, in both machines, the Inspirations/copy-catting disclosed: [1][2] Up NFSHow To#Mounting_NFS_shares_in_encrypted_home_won.27t_work_on_boot [3] = [1] [2] [4] mimicking the mount options of the local device partitions in Have you dug into boot / error logs? Also what kind of network connectivity do you have?

I suspect it does not work because your network is not online when the mount is attempted but that's just an educated guess.should be something like /var/log/on ubuntu 14 but I think Sagar has the answer to your problem already.

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