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Kapamilya actor Piolo Pascual is once again the subject of steamy headlines, as a video, where he is shown kissing son Iñigo Pascual, went viral.

At the press conference for his latest movie “Northern Lights: A Journey to Love” today, March 20, the ultimate heartthrob unapologetically answered the issues that hounded the video.

Interestingly enough, people don't titter nervously when you say these so-called "overused" things to them. They may smile wildly or just slightly, but inside, little Roman candles of happiness are going off.

Passing along the descriptions will not only make her feel quite special for possessing these characteristics, but it will also disable the compliment-deflecting shield that so many of us have, because by delivering this praise, you can't possibly just be trying to “cheer her up" or trying to “be sweet." You didn't actually say those things. Long ago, when I was a young student and traveled, a Frenchman said this to me.

He was not my boyfriend or interested in becoming my boyfriend or even interesting in just having sex with a cheerful American.

What's interesting is that very, very few people notice it. Recognizing what's really happening gives that person the rare and much-needed opportunity to look at this terrible thing with somebody, instead of alone.

We expect good table manners and usually only comment on the bad. Everybody wants to feel protected—especially when they've been dumped.

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